11.10.2019, Národní 3, Prague 1, Czech Academy of Sciences

On Friday 11th October 2019, Defense and Security Innovation Hub z.u. organised the first event in a series of workshops aimed at innovation and modern technologies titled Artificial Intelligence in Military IoT Applications. The workshop took place in cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences and offered a panel discussion with 3 speakers: Jan Flusser from the Institute of Information Theory and Automation (UTIA), Alžběta Krausová from the Institute of State and Law (ISL) and Miroslav Bureš from the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).

The event was attended by a sizeable audience both locally and distantly over the internet. The discussed topics encompassed the applications of AI in various areas such as smart cities and collection and usage of civic data, effectivity and security of data collection with special emphasis on legal implications of data collection and processing, military topics and IoT (internet of things) applications as well as security and verification of data transmission.

In response to the topic of AI replacing human decision-making, Mgr. Alžběta Krausová stated “There is this European trend […] to keep the human in the loop. Because imagine what would happen if we take the person out of the loop and we say [that] ‘expert systems are the best, let’s just rely completely on them,’ so then what happens; nobody really feels responsible, things will happen automatically […] it will become dehumanised and we cannot imagine what the social consequences of such action would be, how it would psychologically impact those people.”

The event has been met with good reception by the audience as well as the panelists. “Overall, the event pleasantly surprised me [...] I left with a good feeling of a fruitful discussion and meeting with interesting people outside my field, which I probably would never have met otherwise.” said prof. Jan Flusser in a follow-up email.

The next in the series of innovation workshops organised by Defense and Security Innovation Hub z.u. titled Quantum Technologies and their Use for the Armed Forces will be held at the Czech Academy of Sciences on 8th November 2019. The topic will serve to continue the discussion of innovation and progressive technologies in the military sector as well as as outside of it.

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