8.11.2019, Národní 3, Prague 1, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

On Friday, November 8th, 2019, Defense and Security Innovation Hub z.ú. and the Technology Transfer Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic organized the second event in a series of workshops focused on innovation and modern technologies titled “Quantum technologies and their use for the armed forces”. The workshop was held in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and offered a panel discussion of three speakers: prof. Igor Jex from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, prof. Miloslav Dušek from the Department of Optics at Palacký University in Olomouc and prof. Josef Lazar from the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR.

The event was conceived primarily as an introduction of the topic of quantum technologies to the professional public and other interested parties. The topic of applied use of quantum technologies has a comprehensive scientific background and panelists presented its specific components from the perspective of their personal expertise. Prof. Jex introduced an introduction to quaternary computing and its possible practical applications. Prof. Lazar spoke about quantum metrology and the technical aspects of quantum technology. In the last contribution, prof. Dušek discussed the topic of quantum cryptography and its applications in security and the armed forces.

The whole discussion was accompanied by questions from the audience regarding individual fields and applications of quantum technologies. In response to the question whether quantum computing technology will replace standard computers in the near future, prof. Dušek said: “Quantum computers are unlikely to completely replace regular computers. They will be used mainly for specialized tasks which they are to solve more effectively. Hybrid systems are likely to emerge.”

The event was attended by the audience on site and remotely via teleconference. DefSef IH President Kristina Soukupova concluded: “I am very pleased that DefSec has had the opportunity to introduce the public to such a complex and extensive topic as quantum technology, opening up a debate on its applications to the military and society. It is an area with great potential not only for security and therefore we are going to follow up on this topic in the near future and further develop the interdisciplinary discussion.”

Another in a series of innovation workshops organized by Defense and Security Innovation Hub z.ú. under the title “Blockchain Technology and its Military Use” will be held again in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in early 2020. The topic will serve as the introduction of another field of modern technology and a continuation of discussion on innovative and progressive technologies and their applications for society and the military.

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